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Synovium Free

Synovium Free
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  • Synovium Free

Synovium Free


Main ingredients: Colchicine, icariin, silymarin and cyclic peptide



1. Target localization to cut off the transmission of Mycoplasma synovialis.

This product contains cyclopeptide small molecule compound, which can guide the drug to penetrate into the lesion site of Mycoplasma synovialis and block the replication of Mycoplasma synovialis. It has good curative effect on maternal and secondary Mycoplasma synovialis infection.


2. Scientific compatibility of various components, low drug resistance, good safety.

This product is a scientific combination of a variety of plant monomer compounds, effective prevention and treatment of mycoplasma, including Mycoplasma synovialis, Mycoplasma pneumoniae and so on, suitable for different types and age poultry, combined with antibiotics without cross-resistance.


3. Quick absorption and remarkable efficacy.

This product is well absorbed in intestinal mucosa and has strong adhesion. It reaches the peak value of blood drug after oral administration for 2 hours and lasts for more than 24 hours.


Application: Mycoplasma synovialis disease of poultry, chronic respiratory disease. It can also be used for mycoplasma pneumonia and Haemophilus pleura pneumonia.


Dosage: Mixed drinks, each bag mix 400 liters of water, concentrated drinking water, use 3-5 days continuously, double dosage if severity.


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