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Sacculitis Clear

Sacculitis Clear
  • Sacculitis Clear
  • Sacculitis Clear

Sacculitis Clear

Main Comoposition:Doxycycline hydrochloride

Features: Yellow to light yellow powder

pharmacological action: This product is a broad-spectrum of antibiotics, has strong effects of Broad-spectrum bacteriostasis, sensitive bacteria including pneumococcus, Streptococcus, Part of the staphylococcus aureus,  Bacillus anthraci, corynebacterium, etc. gram-positive bacterium,E. coli, pap bacillus, salmonella, brucella and haemophilus, and k.peneumoniae.

Application: Applied to infections caused by gram-positive and negative, special effect to poultry Airbag inflammation and orrhomeningitis. Such as listless, breath diffcultly, have cough and rale. After autopsy, there is muddy airbag with muddy liquid, Airbag wall thickening, and has sizes of caseation clot. In duck, there is fibrous exudation in duck chorion, and with infections of pericardium, Liver capsule and balloon wall.

Usage and Dosage: Mix drinking, and 100g product mix with 200-250L water, and if serous, use dosage according to the conditions, use 3 days continuously.

Specification: 5%

Package: 100g/bag

Validity date: 2 years


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