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Fallopian Tube Patency

Fallopian Tube Patency
  • Fallopian Tube Patency
  • Fallopian Tube Patency

Fallopian Tube Patency 

Special for Fallopian Tube Patency

Main Ingrendients:Andrographolide,Rubia rubescens polysaccharide,Egg-laying factor,Mucosal repair factor,etc.

Main Features:This product is white powder


  1. Ovaritis, salpingitis, fallopian cyst, vitelline peritonitis and other reproductive system infections caused by various pathogens.

  2. Egg production decline induced by various factors, poor egg quality, thin-shelled eggs, soft-shelled eggs, sandy-shelled eggs, deformed eggs, bloodstained eggs, etc.

  3. It can effectively prevent bacterial infections such as anal prolapse and anal fissure in new hens.

Usage and dosage:

This product 100g mix water 300L,concentrated drinking,mix feed reduce by half,continuous use for 3-5 days

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