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Vitamin C soluble powder

Vitamin C soluble powder
  • Vitamin C soluble powder
  • Vitamin C soluble powder

Vitamin C soluble powder


Composition: VC


Character: White or similar-white powder.


Pharmacological action: Vitamins. Vitamin C forms a reversible redox system in vivo with dehydrovitamin C, which plays an important role in biological redox reaction and cellular respiration. Vitamin C is involved in amino acid metabolism and synthesis of neurotransmitters, collagen and interstitial tissue. It can reduce the capillary permeability, promote the absorption of iron in the intestine, enhance the body's resistance to infection, and enhance the ability of detoxification of the liver.

Vitamin C is easily absorbed in the small intestine after oral administration. It is widely distributed in the whole body. The plasma binding rate is about 25%. In liver metabolism, vitamin C is mainly excreted from urine in its original form, and oxalic acid (oxalic acid) is metabolized in excess.


Function and Use: Vitamins. For vitamin C deficiency, fever, chronic consumptive diseases, etc.


Usage and dosage: Based on this product. Mixed Drinking: 120 mg of product mix with 1 L water, for poultry free to drink. Continuous use for 5 days.



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