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Toltrazuril Oral Solution

Toltrazuril Oral Solution
  • Toltrazuril Oral Solution
  • Toltrazuril Oral Solution

Toltrazuril Oral Solution

Composition: Per ml contains: Toltrazuril 25 mg.

Indications: An anticoccidial drug. Used for coccidiosis infectionin laying hens, broilers and ducks at all growth stages, especially foracute tender Eimeria tenella coccidiosis in the caecum that has beenineffective in the use of various anticoccidial drugs, acute, chronictoxicity of the small intestine, conical and brucellitic cimeria coccidiosis, Coccidia and necrotizing enteritis, hemorrhagic enteritis, multifactorial enteritis mixed infection caused by stubborn lower blood dysentery and diarrhea. The clinical manifestation was that the feces were thinning, the faeces had undigested feed, the faeces wereyellowish yellow or yellowish white, yellow, red, green dysenteryor blood dysentery, the intake and drinking water decreased, the weight gain slowed down, the feces were easy to startle and squeal. Todie of sudden death or agitation before dawn and paralysis. The symptoms of clinical dissection were duodenum, ileum with bleeding spot, caecum wall swelling, mucous membrane bleeding and crop hydrops, dilatation and so on.

Dosage and Administration: Chicken, rabbit: adding 100ml oralsolution to 200kg drinking water, calculate the amount of medicineby the amount of water consumed in one day, control water for 2 hours and drink up the whole dose within 3 hours. Chicken for 3 days,rabbit for 5 days.


100ml/bottle * 40 bottles/carton

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