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Vitamin premix for Egg Enhancer

Vitamin premix for Egg Enhancer
  • Vitamin premix for Egg Enhancer
  • Vitamin premix for Egg Enhancer

Vitamin premix for Egg Enhancer:

Main Component: VA, VD3, VE, Biotin, Egg enhancement factor, Repair factor of fallopian tube,   Ginkgolide, Plant flavonoid glycoside, Antioxidant, etc.

Promote Egg Rate Features:

This product is the newest balanced nutritional formula special for poultry, on the basis of traditional rapid vitamin supplement, added many factors which is closed linked with reproduction, such as vitamin factor, egg enhancement factor, repair factor of fallopian tube, these factors make this product more nutritional, complete, and balanced, the egg production is more quick.

The vitamins in this product are all microencapsulated vitamin, are not easy to be damaged in crop and glandular stomach, can be absorbed very well, can significantly increase price of feed, reduce egg-feed ratio, meat-feed ratio, and improve significantly the egg production.

This product can improve significantly the body immunity, resist all kinds of stress, improve the rate of fertilization and healthy chick, improve the egg shell quality, and enhance the egg production.

This product added ginkgolide, plant flavonoid glycoside, etc, these extract from herbal medicines have very good repair function to low egg production and damage of fallopian tube caused by virus diseases and bacterial disease, can enhance the body immunity effectively, promote follicle stimulating, improve egg shell quality and regain laying eggs quickly.

This product is with high and stable water-solubility, will not plug the waterline and nipple drinking fountains, is more suitable for large-scale farm.Promote Egg Rate.

Usage and dosage:

Mix with water: 1000g product mix with 5 ton water.

Mix with feed: 1000g product mix with 2.5-5 ton feed.

Package: 1000g/bag

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