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Probiotic supplement

Probiotic supplement
  • Probiotic supplement
  • Probiotic supplement

Probiotic supplement----protect stomach and intestines,promote immunity,anti infect,non drug residue.

The fifth veterinarians congress recommended products:green,anti-infection and no drug residues

Getting 2 strains of bacillus subtilis from millions of strains of bacillus licheniformis, and has applied for patents from national copyright administration .

Effect and function:

1.replace use of antibiotics in the feed,improve gastrointestinal flora imbalance compared with using antibiotics,accelerate animal recovery.

2.Reduce meat livestock and poultry proventriculitis,alo laxata,feed feces,water feces..Enhance chicks immunity,improve disease resistance,improve rate of survival,promote meat and poultry weight gain.

3.Reduce egg and poultry livestock proventriculitis,cacochylia,reduce water feces,feed feces,improve feed efficiency,Increase immunity,improve laying rate,increase eggshell strength,improve eggshell color.

4.Promote piglet&hourse&sheep&livestock intestinal tract health and growth,reduce intestinal diseases like dysentery,diarrhea etc. ,reduce death rate,increase piglet immunity and anti stress.

5.Improve sow & livestock astriction,improve feed intake,reduce lactation weightlessness.

6.Reduce amount of feces,elimination of harmful gases such as ammonia,hydrogen sulfide, formaldehyde etc.,reduce respiratory disease,improve feeding environment,increase economic performance.

Shelf life:18 months

Probiotic supplement(MIX With FEED)

Main component:Bacillus subtilis,Bacillus licheniformis,Bacillus acidophilus etc. active substrate

Content:The content of live bacteria not less than 1.0*109CFU/g

Usage and dosage:Directly mix with feed,adding feed 1 ton per 250-500g,it can add long range.

Probiotic supplement(Mix With DRINKING)

Main component:Bacillus subtilis,Bacillus licheniformis,Bacillus acidophilus ect. Active substrate.

Content:The content of live bacteria not less that 5.0*109CFU/g

Usage and dosage: adding water 2-4 tons per 100g,it can add long range.


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