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Glandular Stomach Protection

Glandular Stomach Protection
  • Glandular Stomach Protection
  • Glandular Stomach Protection

Glandular Stomach Protection    

Jiangshan four in one product, glandular stomach health protection

Main Feature:

Four in one product:

1.Special effects H2 receptor blockers , blocking hydrogen ion secretion , basicly cutting off the etiology of glandular stomach and muscle erosion.

2.Contains a variety of digestive enzymes, promote crude protein, starch and sugar digestion, improve digestion and absorption capacity.

3.Helicobacter pylori inhibitors, glandular gastritis can be isolated from Helicobacter, Only the effective inhibition of the proliferation of Helicobacter, in order to completely cure glandular gastritis.

4.Take off mold, inhibit mold, reduce mold. The presence of mold in the feed can induce glandular gastritis. Solve the predisposing factors from the source control

Usage and Dosage:

To this product. 100g/bottle mixed water 500 liters, once every 3 to 5 days, the amount of treatment doubled.

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