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Spectinomycin Hcl Soluble powder

Spectinomycin Hcl Soluble powder
  • Spectinomycin Hcl Soluble powder
  • Spectinomycin Hcl Soluble powder

Spectinomycin Hydro Soluble powder

our national patent products, patent number: ZL2012 2 0660 261.7  ,  ZL 2012 2 0660261.2  ,  ZL2012 2 0660261.6 


This product is suitable for a variety of respiratory diseases and respiratory syndrome such as Mycoplasma disease, Infectious Bronchitis, avian rhinotracheitis ,

Infectious LaryngoTracheitis, avian influenza, Newcastle disease caused by virus,bacteria infection.


Nano-coated technology, Using selected imported raw materials Sulfated spectinomycin, Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides, nuclease and so on, Nano-coated by high quality cyclodextrin, which makes drugs more stable, 

and resistant to acid, alkali,  enzymes.

Targeted positioning technology, making the drug priority go into the nasal cavity, trachea, bronchus, lungs, airbags, etc., gathered in the affected area and maintained high concentrations, Thus to kill pathogenic microorganisms quickly , remove pathogens, and regain health.

Solid dispersion technology, In the drug mixing period, the use of layer dispersion, dot dispersion and three-dimensional powder combination of technology, makes the drug more uniform, more accurate, more safe.


Chicken, per 0.5g Mixed with water 1L , using 3-5 days continuously.

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