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Golden Green Pellet

Golden Green Pellet
  • Golden Green Pellet
  • Golden Green Pellet

[Drug Name]
Generic name:
Green pellet

Commodity name: Golden Green Pellet

English Name: Green pellet

Chinese Pinyin: Jin Banqing

[Main ingredients] Radix Isatidis,Foliumisatidis

[Character] This product is light yellow or brown particles; sweet, little bitter.

[Function]Clearing away heat and toxin;Cool the blood

[Indications]Cough, sore throat, fever, hair spot of febrile diseases.

[Adverse reaction]According to the prescribed dose, yet see the adverse reaction.

[Note]No regulations.

[Specification] Horse, cow 50g; chicken 0.5g


[Storage] Shading, airtight, preserved in the dry place

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