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Sudden Death Preventor

Sudden Death Preventor
  • Sudden Death Preventor
  • Sudden Death Preventor

Sudden death preventor

                          --traditional herbal oral liquid


Main Ingredients: Prepared Common Monkshood Daughter Root, Rhizoma zingiberis, Honey-fried licorice root.

Main Features: This product is brown liquid, gas fragrance, sweet.

Selection of authentic herbs prepared by traditional Chinese medicine oral liquid, safe, green, easy to administer.

Using low-temperature countercurrent extraction technology, extraction efficiency, the maximum degree of retention of active ingredients.

Effective response to sudden death, reduce the rate of death, increase farmers income.

Applications: Prevention and treatment of sudden death of poultry, fatty liver syndrome, fatigue syndrome (new hen disease), transport stress, temperature stress, refueling stress, immune stress, etc.

Usage and Dosage: Poultry, every 1kg weight 0.5-1ml, this product every 500ml mix water 250L, drink at night or before transportation. Horse cattle 100-200ml, Sheep 20-50ml. It can be used for long-term treatment and prevention, but also with other drugs.

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