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Neomycin Sulfate oral solution

Neomycin Sulfate oral solution
  • Neomycin Sulfate oral solution
  • Neomycin Sulfate oral solution

Neomycin Sulfate oral solution

Main components: Neomycin Sulfate, Cyclopeptide repair factor, etc.

Main features:

1.With the nanoscale emulsification process, the drugs are dispersed in the nanoform in animal body, it works in the gastric ulcer, greatly improves the utilization rate of the product.

2.This product is the Neomycin Sulfate special for veterinary use, the content is high to 20%, has the feature of short tmax, fast absorption, long concentration duration, half-life period is 48-72 hours, results are obvious.

3.No cross resistance.


Applied to gastrointestinal tract infections which is caused by poultry and livestock Gram-negative bacteria. Such as: enterovirus syndrome, bacterial enteritis, necrotic enteritis, stubborn coccidiasis, colibacillus, riemerella anatipestifer, dysentery bacillus and salmonella. 

The main symptoms are reduction of feed intake, depressed, feathers loose disorderly, scream and yelp, waste watery or rotten meat, tomato waste with mucopurulent and blood, for serious illness, with grey brown and coal tar waste, poultry was thin, waste around anus. After autopsy, there is intestinal tract swelling and blooding, Intestinal mucosa, erosion, yellow and red purulent, bloody waste in the intestinal tract.

Usage and dosage: 

Calculate with neomycin.

Mix with water, 250ml product mix with 500kg water, use 3-5 days continuously.

Package: 250ml/bottle

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