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Herbal Qinlian Solution

Herbal Qinlian Solution
  • Herbal Qinlian Solution
  • Herbal Qinlian Solution

Herbal Qinlian Solution


Main ingredients:

Isatis root, Astragalus, Forsythia, Atractylodes, Scorpion, Wild Chrysanthemum, Mulberry White, Mian Ma Guanzhong, Crisp and so on.


This product is a brown-red or tan liquid with a special aroma.


Features and Indications:

Detoxification, dampness and diarrhea, Remove lung heat.

Treatment of poultry due to exogenous invasion caused by increased body temperature, respiratory infections. Cardiac temperature rise, ear and nose warm, fever and aversion to cold at the same time, poultry crown and flesh red, coat reversal, mental depression, conjunctival flushing, tearing, loss of appetite, or cough, exhaled air, throat Swelling pain, thirst for drinking, thin yellow tongue coating, pulse floating number.


Package and Dosage:


Chicken 0.5-1ml, used for 3 days. 500ml product mix 250L water, and the severely ill can increase the dose and fill it separately. It can be used for prevention or treatment, and can also be used with other drugs.



1. This product is used in combination with antibiotics to reduce the dose of antibiotics, reduce stress and reduce drug residues.

2, in the blank period of the vaccine, can quickly improve the body's immune level, improve disease resistance, and effectively prevent the subsequent occurrence of viral diseases.

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