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Albendazole Suspension

Albendazole Suspension
  • Albendazole Suspension
  • Albendazole Suspension

Albendazole Suspension

Generic name: Albendazole oral suspension 2.5% 

Composition: Each 1ml contains Albendazole 25 mg

Properties: CENTRE-ALBEN 2.5% is a thick liquid containing 2.5% Albendazole. It is a highly active antihelminthic agent, for the treatment and control of internal parasites of livestock.


CENTRE-ALBEN 2.5% is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic effective in the treatment of gastrointestinal round worms, tapeworms, and pulmonary worms in sheep, goats, cows and camels.

Target animals: Cattle, camels, sheep and goat.

Dosage and Administration: It should be given orally using any type of standard dosing gun or dose syringe.

Sheep and goats: 2ml/10kg b.w.

Cows and camels: 15ml/50kg b.w.

Withdrawal Time:

Meat: 14 days.

Milk: 5 days


Not to be given during the first 45 days of pregnancy

Storage condition: Store below 30°C at a cool, dry place and avoid light

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