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Toxin Binder mycotoxin

Toxin Binder mycotoxin
  • Toxin Binder mycotoxin
  • Toxin Binder mycotoxin

Toxin Binder(Mycotoxin Bodyguard)

                                           ---------------Fifth generation product for clear toxins

For various mycotoxins


B-glucan,Aluminoslicate derivative,mannanoliosaccharies, citricacid,ethyl butyrate,fumaric acid.

Features and Benefits:

The productis efficient.safe superior,convenient,nutitious,healthy,appetizing.

1.It can eliminate the mycete,toxin in the feed and animal body.Physical absorption, chemical detoxification,biodegradation.

   it can eliminate the mycete,toxin only need use one time.

2. can resrain the production of mycete cell and toxin.Inrease food appetite,appetizing,resisting diarhea,improving the eficiency of feed utilization.

3. Having special effect for laying rate drop,low quality egg,slow growth of meat poultry; frequent diarrhea,liver damage.

Dosage and Use:

Applying to all kinds of feed and feedstuff.

1,Chicken,ducks goose,1ton feed mixed the drug 0.4-1.0kg.

2.Cow sheep,1ton feed mixed the drug 0.2-1.0kg.

Package:1kg or 25 kg bag

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