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jiangshan distributors conference in Chengdu

Oct 29, 2019

On October 24th, 2019, the 2019 China·Jiangshan Poultry Breeding Summit and Chengdu Academic Conference hosted by Jiangshan Group was held in the beautiful Chengdu city on October 24th.

This meeting is based on the background of poultry and non-resistance breeding, with wisdom farming as the starting point, and seeking ideas for large-scale farming. The meeting gathered more than 200 farming partners and distributors to discuss health culture, disease prevention and control, structural adjustment, policy reform, and so on.
The conference comprehensively interpreted and explained all aspects, bringing a large number of goods news to the company's partners, and further clarified the future business direction.

jiangshan distributors conference in Chengdu   jiangshan distributors conference in Chengdu

At the meeting, Mr. Mi Tongguo, Chairman of Jiangshan Group, delivered a speech at the exchange meeting. Chairman proposed that Jiangshan Group has always been committed to providing customers with quality service and the most professional products with the heart and mission.In the future, Jiangshan Group will further work on customer service, product customization services and market development to achieve a win-win situation for the company, distributors and farmers!

Mr. Meng Zhimin, deputy general manager and R&D director of Jiangshan Group, and professor of Hebei Engineering University, explained the recent trends in poultry diseases and predicted the future diseases for farmers and distributors.

Mr. Mi Guohua, deputy general manager of Jiangshan Group, analyzes and interprets the national animal husbandry breeding policy for everyone. Manager M proposes that farmers and distributors should take the opportunity of national new era and supply&testing reform, vigorously develop green and healthy anti-aquaculture.

Mr. Liu Ming, Dean of Jiangshan Group Research Institute, explained the quality products of Jiangshan Group from the product point of view and demonstrated the use of Kangjianda drugs on the spot for the partners. Jiangshan's quality products have been recognized by customers.

jiangshan distributors conference in Chengdu     jiangshan distributors conference in Chengdu

jiangshan distributors conference in Chengdu     jiangshan distributors conference in Chengdu

The meeting also invited industry executives and company executives to get face-to-face communication, and discussed new opportunities for industry development, large-scale poultry farming management, disease prevention and control, etc., providing Development ideas to poultry safety, environmental protection, rational development, and industrial upgrading.

At the meeting, the company also issued certificates and gifts for outstanding partners. Jiangshan Group and its partners will go further in the future cooperation.

jiangshan distributors conference in Chengdu   jiangshan distributors conference in Chengdu

jiangshan distributors conference in Chengdu   jiangshan distributors conference in Chengdu

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