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Carbasalate Calcium Soluble Powder

Carbasalate Calcium Soluble Powder
  • Carbasalate Calcium Soluble Powder
  • Carbasalate Calcium Soluble Powder

English Name: Carbasalate Calcium Soluble Powder

Main components: Carbasalate Calcium, Taurine, Interferons.

Main features:

1.Bring down a fever strongly.

2.Clear the heat source, Broad spectrum antibacterial and antiviral.

3.Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic.

4.Relieving kidney swelling and eliminating the urate deposits.


1.For poultry special, the first choice of bring down a fever.

2.Quick effects and lasting efficacy.

3.No taboo of compatibility of medicines and no withdrawal time of drugs.


Antipyretic-analgesic, applied to the fever of chickens and relieving the pain. Can relieving the high fever quickly which is caused by various reasons. Special applied to the high fever which is caused by simple bacteria and virus. The appearance of the chickens are mainly including depressed, low feed intake, high fever, yellow, white or green loose stools and decreasing laying rate.

Usage and dosage: 

Chicken: for one time oral administration, 40-80mg (100g product mix with 500L water). Drinking within 2-3 hours.


1. No use together with salicylic acid class drugs.

2. Glucocorticoids stimulate the gastric acid secretion, make the stomach and duodenum mucosa reduce the resistivity to gastric acid, if use together with this product, will intensify the enterorrhagia.

3. If use together with alkaline drug, will reduce the drug effect.

Package: 100g/bag and 100bags/carton

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